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The Heat is Coming!

    We know that everyone is frustrated with the cool weather this season. Heaters are on full blast and some people are just downright staying out of the pools. But, even though you may not be swimming as much you need to continue to keep the pools water chlorinated, balanced and active. We tend to not pay attention to pools unless we are in them but it is certainly necessary to keep up with the chemical balance so when that week of 100+ degrees hits, you can be ready to swim. Come on in and get a free water sample tested. We can let you know what you need to do in order to keep the pool sparkling and clear.

    We have also started having a lot of people inquire about heaters. We carry heaters of 3 different varieties. Gas, Electric Pumps and Solar.

    Gas heaters have the ability to heat pools rather quickly and can run on either propane or natural gas. These are tried and true units that have been used for years to help heat pools. We have gas heaters that will heat small aboveground pools and units that will heat pools as big as 40,000 gallons. That’s 250,000 BTU’s heating the pool! With that kind of power you can heat the pool in a matter of 24-30 hours. Fast, efficient and effective.

    With Electric Heat Pumps we have a wide selection that can suit aboveground pools and ingrounds alike. The new ECO 500 heat pump was designed specifically to heat aboveground pools with great efficiency. From there the models get larger to suit inground pools all the way up to, yet again, 40,000 gallon pools. These heat pumps from Aqua Products are built with a 100% pure, commercial grade titanium heat exchanger and can pump up to 80 gallons per minute. It will take the heat pump several days to reach the desired temperature, but once at temperature and covered with a solar cover, these heaters retain heat better than any other heater in the business.

    Lastly, we have Solar Heaters. Everyone has used a solar blanket in the past and we are still major advocates for their usage. Covers help to retain heat and give you the ability to extend your swimming season. But, we all know the struggle of hauling them on and off the pool. A solar heater is in no way a replacement for the solar blanket but it harnesses the power of the sun in the same fashion to help heat the water through conductivity. These solar panels, domes or arcs pass water through black tubing. By placing the solar heater in direct sunlight it traps the sun’s heat in the black coils and then conducts that heat to the water as it passes through. Unique and inexpensive, these units have provided countless customers with free heat provided by the sun.

    Don’t let the colder weather get you down. The heat is coming and if not, we have some options to get you back in your pool. Keep the water clean and remember, if it stays this cold, we still sell spas!]]>



Written by Max