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The Urge for the Immediate Pool Install

inground customers.  Some of these customers have chosen an opposing company simply because that company can install the pool a few weeks sooner.  In most of these situations the other companies have that luxury because they don’t have as many pool sales…and I’m willing to bet there are reasons for that.  I never try to speak ill of our competition, but I encourage anyone looking for a pool to think long term.  If you would have chosen company A over company B because of quality, service, and reputation why would you give all of that up for a few extra weeks?  I can tell you with our pool you will have it for a lifetime and I hate to see anyone sacrifice what they want for the short-term effects of an earlier install.  If you happen to be looking for a pool I hope you will consider the long-term advantages of a company like Eastgate Pools over “Bill’s Pools” just because he can start your pool tomorrow.  The costs are certainly likely to outweigh the benefits.]]>



Written by craig