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The Winter Months

It seems like on a weekly basis one of my friends is asking me if we are busy around the store. With the cold and the snow, they figure that there must not be anything to do. And while things are certainly quieter than the crazy busy spring and summer months, there is still a lot going on around here. 2018 shipments continue to arrive, and the warehouses are getting close to packed full, equipment is being cleaned and repaired so that it is ready for the season, product training is being conducted so that we can be helpful and productive for our customers, and we continue to sell pools, spas, casual furniture and more.

The winter months are a very important to our sales success each year as now is the time to plan for getting an inground pool. Each winter prospective inground customers come into the store in January and February and from the conversation I find out that that they think they are planning “early” for a pool. In reality, contracts for the next season’s installations began being written in September and have continued since then.

So, the moral of the story is that while the store is certainly quieter in the winter months there is still a lot going on here to prepare for the next season. Moral #2 is that if you are in the market for an inground pool for the 2018 season, now is the time to see one of our inground pool specialists.


Written by David Brandstetter