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Things That Trouble Me Pt. 1

I like pizza.  If you’ve seen me recently, you can easily determine that I like just about anything to eat.  But I really like pizza—even not-so-great pizza.  To me, a little grease on top is a free extra meant to give garlic bread or breadsticks meaning.

But will someone please tell me why some pizza companies insist on cutting their pies into little squares, kind of like crossword puzzle boxes.  It’s okay if you’re getting an edge piece, but once there is no crust to grab on to, now it becomes a ‘dig your fingers into the piece and pry it off the box’ moment.

Pizza is meant to be cut into triangles.  It’s why they call it ‘pie’ in New York.  You grab it, fold it over, and jam it home.  And sorry, but that ultra thin Chicago or St. Louis stuff isn’t real pizza so don’t bring it up!

I think we need to start a grassroots movement to get pizza cut uniformly the same everywhere (or at least where I order).  And the ‘same’ means no more crossword block pieces!  Someone take the lead in this effort.  I can’t.  I’m busy eating.  –Max



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