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Think Spring

I know Spring is right around the corner.  At least I keep telling

myself this every time the Weather Channel mentions the chance of more


I’ve decided to “think Spring” and start planning on what new patio

furniture will replace what I have now.

I will start seeing many of the new styles and colors coming to the

floor within the next couple of weeks. Just in case I don’t see the

one that is just right for me, I also have the option of choosing

from several outstanding manufacturers.  Each of them have several

styles and lots of different fabric selections and best of all I will

have plenty of time to order and have my new furniture at my home in

time for the warmer weather.

My children also are really excited about my new purchase because

they will inherit my 10 year old Telescope furniture  It is still in

great condition after all that time.  Turns out it is a win-win





Written by Max