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This Week in History

The following was this week’s E Perx email introductionWe’ve had several people call and say how much they enjoyed it so we’re posting it here on the blog so more people can enjoy it.  And if you’re not an E Perx member, join up!  You’ll get emails with special offers and some neat information too.  –Max Every week, we try to come up with something of interest as it pertains to the week’s EPerx Specials specials.  It turns out, there isn’t a whole lot going on this week.  No holidays, no solstice, and no big national events.  Zilch!  We thought about the Baseball All-Star Game, but that happened last week.  So instead, let’s look back in history to some things that did happen on this week’s dates:  

July 18, AD 64.  Rome burns. Nero really didn’t fiddle.

July 19, 1799.  A group of Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers discover the Rosetta Stone.  They immediately sold it to a language-learning company.

July 20, 1916.  The Giants trade Christy Mattewson to the Cincinnati Reds.  He won 372 games with the Giants and 1 with the Reds.  Nice trade!

July 21, 1969. Neil Armstrong’s “Small Step” happens at 2:56:15 AM (GMT).  The transmission was actually garbled and he actually said, “That’s one small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Seriously—no kidding.

July 22, 1893.  Katherine Bates writes America the Beautiful.  This is not the same Kathy Bates that tormented James Caan.

July 23, 1866.  The Cincinnati Baseball Club forms.  

July 24, 1965.  Bob Dylan releases Like a Rolling Stone.  It is believed, but unconfirmed, that he was also a member of the original Cincinnati Baseball Club.




Written by Max