Deck Considerations for Spas and Hot Tubs

Spas continue to grow in popularity as people seek new ways to relax, entertain and communicate with family and friends. Spas are very heavy when filled and require special construction consideration. Your spa may require extra structural support beneath the footwell as this is the area of greatest stress. For spas that use framing systems under the shell, the weight will be distributed more evenly. Still, a four-hundred gallon spa filled with water may weigh in excess of 4,000 pounds, and that’s without anyone in it! If you are having a deck professionally built, make sure to tell your builder if a spa is in your present or future plans. It is easy to reinforce a deck at the time of construction. If doing it yourself, consult with an expert in the spa industry.

Plan for the delivery of the spa. Find out how high the spa can be lifted and ask if handrails need to be removed. For extremely difficult or high lifts, special equipment, such as a cherry-picker, may be available but the cost for these can quickly skew a budget. Before selecting a model, clarify these issues with your retailer.