Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming Pools

Q. How often should I backwash my filter?
A. Sand filters are more efficient with some debris. Backwash when your pressure gauge shows 7 – 10 pounds of pressure above normal. Water clarity will be much improved and your pool will be cleaner.

Q. Why do my children’s eyes burn when swimming?
A. More than likely the pH of the pool is very low. We can test your water and help you adjust it properly. This should solve your problem.

Q. When I put my solar cover on my pool, do the bubbles go up or down?
A. The bubbles go down.

Q. Why does my pool have a strong chlorine smell?
A. The Free and Total Chlorine are out of balance. Super shock it to get it back in balance.

Q. How much liquid chlorine (shock) should I use to shock my pool?
A. The recommended rate is 1 gallon for every 10,000 gallons of water.

Q. What can I do to prevent my pool from turning cloudy after heavy use from a pool party or a big rainstorm?
A. As soon as the party is over or immediately after a big storm (over 1 inch of rain) shock the pool.

Q. How often should I shock my pool?
A. Depending on usage, we recommend regular shocking once a week. If there is heavier usage, shock immediately after a big party.

Q. Can I use petroleum jelly to lubricate my pool o-rings?
A. No. Petroleum jelly will harden and make it difficult to remove a lid or replace the o-ring. Use silicone or Teflon lubricant specifically made for o-rings.

Q. Which is a better shock to use on a vinyl liner pool – liquid or powder?
A. We recommend using Power Magic dry shock. It is superior to liquid shock because it has a long shelf life AND because it contains sodium tetraborates. Borates effectively combat algae by reducing algae’s ability to absorb CO2, one of two things algae must have to survive. Simply dissolve the Power Magic in a bucket of water and pour directly into the pool. Some of the calcium may not dissolve immediately but this will not hurt your liner.

Q. How often should I test my pool water?
A. We recommend twice a week at home.

Q. How often should I bring my water in to be tested at Eastgate Pools & Spas?
A. At the very beginning of the season and the end of the season. Then once a month should be fine unless you think you have a water balance problem.

Q. How often should I change the sand in my sand filter?
A. Every three to five years or per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Q. What should I do, I have quite a bit of dirt and debris on the bottom of my pool?
A. Vacuum on waste.

Q. Do I need to fence my yard?
A. It depends on the requirements of your township or county. Please check with your specific township or county for requirements.

Q. What part of the installation am I responsible for?
A. You are responsible for knowing and following your township or county requirements, obtaining the proper permits, providing reasonable access to the installation site and for all aspects of the electrical wiring. If you need help finding an electrician, we would be happy to assist you.

Q. How early can I have my pool installed?
A. It depends on your yard and the weather. If your yard is dry and you reserve your pool early, it can be installed as early as late April or early May.

Q. I have an aboveground pool and want to put on a salt-system chlorine generator. Will this work and is it a good alternative to chlorine tablets?
A. We do not recommend straight salt systems on aboveground pools. In general, they don’t generate enough chlorine and the corrosive effects of high salt levels can rust out walls and tracks. Many pool manufacturers void your warranty if you go to a high concentration salt system. They are great for quality inground pools with commercial galvanization but not abovegrounds.

Q. Is there a better alternative to standard chlorine sanitization for aboveground pools?
A. Yes! We recommend the Simple Salt Water Treatment System. This is a hybrid system that uses only a very small, controlled dose of salt, along with sodium tetraborates, and other water enhancers. Water feels much softer and the borates are extremely effective at fighting algae. It is also very easy to use and low maintenance.

Q. What do you mean by “low maintenance”?
A. Low Maintenance means you, the pool owner, work less to enjoy the pool more. With the Simple Salt System, the primary component is added just once a year – at the pool opening. Other components require no more than 5 minutes every week or two.

Q. How long should I run my filter?
A. Filters with single speed pumps should run at least 12 – 14 hours per day, 7 days a week. Filters with 2 speed pumps should run on low 24 hours per day and are only required to run on high when vacuuming or adding water care products.

Q. Should I cover my pool when I’m not using it?
A. This depends on your personal preference. In the summer, a solar cover will retain the heat, keep debris out of your pool and save on chemical consumption. In the winter, we highly recommend that you cover your pool.

Q. How do I winterize/open my pool?
A. Our sales staff would be glad to help you with any questions regarding winterizing or opening your pool.

Q. Should I do anything after covering my pool for the winter?
A. Prolong your cover’s life by keeping accumulated water pumped off. After removing your cover in the spring, clean it, dry it and store it in a sealed container to keep the mice away.

Q. My pool motor is whining, should I do anything?
A. At the first sound of a pool motor’s whining, take action. A new set of bearings now may save you the expense of a new motor later. Also, make sure there are no leaks at the pump seal. This is an easy and inexpensive repair.

Spas & Hot Tubs

Q. What part of the spa delivery and installation will I be responsible for?
A. Unless we specify otherwise, a spa will include delivery, professional orientation, and placement where you want it. You will be responsible for preparing the site, reasonable access to the site and all aspects of wiring (to the spa manufacturer’s specifications.) If you need help finding an electrician, we will be happy to assist you.

Q. What if I have a problem with my spa?
A. We have our own service department and service all of the spas that we sell. We also have a well-trained sales staff to address your non-technical questions.

Q. Can I leave my spa outside all winter?
A. Yes! Many of our customers feel that winter is the best time to use their spas.

Q. What if I want to drain my spa for the winter?
A. If you drain your spa for the winter, you must be sure to winterize it properly. Any water left in the spa can freeze, causing unnecessary damage.

Q. Are your spas gas or electric?
A. All of our spas we sell are electric. Due to advances in spa technology, running your spa on electric is very efficient and convenient.

Q. Will my electric bills go up? If so, how much?
A. Your electric bills will increase. The cost will depend on which brand spa you pick and the way it is engineered (All spas are not the same.) The cost to operate a spa can be as little as $20.00 a month.

Q. Do I have to change my water?
A. You should change the water every 3 – 4 months. Our sales staff would be happy to help you learn about maintaining your water.

Q. Can I use petroleum jelly to lubricate my spa o-rings?
A. No. Petroleum jelly will harden and make it difficult to remove a lid. Use silicone or Teflon lubricant specifically made for o-rings.

Q. Can I leave my spa uncovered?
A. We recommend keeping your spa covered. Heated water evaporates quickly and this can lead to moisture problems if your spa is indoors. If your spa is outside, dust, pollen and leaves can make your spa experience less enjoyable.


Q. Do you carry slate pool tables?
A. Yes! All of the tables we sell are slate.

Q. Why should I buy a slate pool table instead of a “slate-like” table?
A. Slate will last a lifetime. It will never warp or wear out. Tables that are not slate use materials made from wood products. Over time, these materials can absorb moisture that will cause warping and other types of wear.

Q. What size is regulation size?
A. Regulations call for a table with a length that is double the width. The most common home tables are 4′ x 8′.

Q. What type cloth do you put on your tables?
A. Our tables come standard with commercial grade, 21 oz., wool-nylon blend cloth in the color of your choice. We use a wool-nylon blend which provides an optimal blend between playability and durabiltiy.

Q. Do you carry any other types of game tables or billiard accessories?
A. We have a large selection of foosball, air hockey, table tennis, 3 in 1’s, dartboards and more. We stock a variety of billiard lamps and accessories. And we also carry a large selection of bar stools.

Q. Do you install your own pool tables?
A. Yes! We are fully staffed to install your new table as soon as you need it.

Q. What about replacement cloth for my existing table?
A. We stock replacement cloth in many colors.

Casual Furniture

Q. Will you deliver patio furniture to my home?
A. Yes, we do offer fast, convenient service.

Q. Do your tables have regular or tempered glass?
A. All of the glass tables we sell are tempered glass.

Q. What is the difference between wicker and all-weather wicker?
A. Wicker is a natural wood product that, when exposed to moisture, can break down over time. All-weather wicker is a synthetic, water resistant product.

Q. Can I special order my furniture in a different color?
A. Yes! We do offer the option to special order, so you can customize your furniture to fit your needs. We have fabric and frame samples available at our store for your convenience.

Q. What types of accessories do you offer?
A. We carry umbrellas and bases in a variety of colors and styles as well as a full line of furniture covers. We also have a selection of outdoor lights, fireburners, fountains and more.

Q. I don’t want a glass top table, are there any other options?
A. We stock quite a few non-glass table alternatives including aluminum slat top, porcelain tile, cast aluminum and more.

Q. Can I leave my umbrella up all the time?
A. An unattended umbrella on casual furniture is an invitation to disaster. Our weather changes quickly and a raised umbrella can tip over, breaking both the umbrella and the table. Always lower your umbrella when not in use.

Q. Do you carry other casual furniture besides standard patio tables and chairs?
A. Yes! We carry bistro and bar height sets as well as conversation and gas firepit sets. We also have a wide selection of side tables, ottomans, recliner and lounge chairs.

Q. How often should I seal my speciality tabletop?
A. Check with your salesperson on the specific requirements for your tabletop. Some tabletops require specific products to be used in sealing while other materials require no special care.