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Vinyl Liner Versus Fiberglass

Eastgate Pools & Spas we have been installing the Legacy Edition by Imperial Pools as our only option for an inground swimming pool since 1981.  With over 3000 pools installed and no warranty claims on a pool wall we just don’t see any reason to mess with a good thing.  That said we have an increasing number of potential customers that are looking at one-piece fiberglass pools vs.

our vinyl-lined pool product.  I just thought I would offer a quick insight into why we continue to offer the product we do, and why we have opted to stay out of the fiberglass market. To put it simply, we don’t offer fiberglass pools because this just isn’t the right part of the country.  If you travel to Florida, California, or any other state with a high sand content to the soil you will certainly see more fiberglass than vinyl pools.  Well the opposite is true here in the Midwest because the heavy clay content of our soil, and the freeze/thaw climate make it the more appropriate and safer choice.  The bottom of our pools have a solid yet porous base, which will allow in the worst conditions for water to “float” the liner.  This defense mechanism ensures the pool structure is unharmed.  With a fiberglass pool a similar situation would likely result in cracking or heaving of the pool out of the ground.  Keep in mind, these are rare occurrences, but that is why we have chosen to stay with a proven commodity for this region.  Each of these product options has advantages, but in our neck of the woods we believe in the benefits of the vinyl-lined pool.  Over 3000 success stories can’t be wrong. ]]>



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