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Watching It Rain…

waiting for it to turn into snow. Ugh.  I’m not one of those people that “just love winter”.  Personally, give me an inch of snow on Christmas day and I’ll then be happy with 60 degrees and cloudy the rest of the winter.  I heat my home with propane and I do not look forward to the monthly re-fill and the subsequent bill that mysteriously and magically appears three days later!  I think that if you look up the word ‘sucks’ in the dictionary, there will be a picture of my propane tank right next to it.  But I have found a way to keep the bill down a little.  Actually a lot…and I can still stay warm.  I use two of our room quartz heaters in different areas of my house.  I have an Infinity heater in my bedroom and an EdenPURE in my son’s room.  This lets me turn my thermostat way down at night and everyone is still comfortable while sleeping.  They pour the heat out and operate for about 6-7 cents an hour.   We know that is correct as we have a meter set up here at the store and have done the calculations.   That’s half of what my ‘95% efficient’ propane furnace costs me.  It’s easy to figure:  “95%” means only 5% of the gas is not being used to generate heat.  At $2.50 a gallon, 5% is 12.5 cents. Save some money—get an EdenPURE or Infinity quartz heater and turn your thermostat back.  –Max]]>



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