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Water Chemistry Expert

Eastgate Pool’s resident water expert, the man who answers questions about your water’s chemistry.  I started in the pool business in 1980 and have worked for Eastgate since 1997.  I have worked in every phase of the

pool business – from sales to service, but my one real love is solving water chemistry problems.  Every pool is different and each has its own unique water qualities and potential problems.  It is my job to analyze your water and find solutions to problems you may be facing. Even better, with regular testing, I’m sure I can prevent the problems from ever happening.  If you are having a problem bring me a water sample.   I’ll go to work and help you get back to water that looks so clear you
want to drink it.  Come on in and I’ll give you all the help you need. In a future blog I’ll explain how to bring me a proper water sample so we can get the best and most accurate results.]]>



Written by Eastgate Team