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We Have Gas!!!

  • You know the quality of your old tank but what about the one you are getting in exchange?
  • Does your new tank leak?  We check them here to make sure that there are no leaks.
  • Tanks have a 12-year life span from the date stamped on it.  Are you exchanging a new tank for one on its last legs?
  • How much gas are you really getting at the exchange place?  Ah—here is the real clincher.  Tanks are filled by weight, not gallons, but if you do the math, exchange places provide approximately 3 gallons of gas in one of their tanks.  We fill the tank to the allowable limit and provide you with approximately 4.6 gallons—an extra 33+% MORE than the exchange places.
  • So bring us your tank, let us inspect it to make sure it is okay, and let us help you stretch your propane budget.  You’ll like our gas.  –Max]]>



    Written by Max