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What Is Luxury?

I have been steadily hunting for research on luxury. How it has been defined worldwide, how it lives within the eye of the beholder and especially how it translates from country to country are among the many questions I am seeking answers to. We, here in America, tend to put a price-tag on luxury. At Eastgate Pools we don’t necessarily buy into that concept. If you are willing/wanting to pour out thousands upon thousands of dollars then we are going to be able to provide you with the finest luxuries available. But, we also have the amazing ability to impart many luxuries all while keeping the price-tag at a comfortable and almost “luxurious” point.

When I google image search luxury I come across pictures of boats, a villa in Italy, beautiful women with extravagant jewelry, resort photos and much much more. A common trend throughout these photos is water. Pools and hot tubs are almost always a part of everyone’s “dream-home” and are a stay-in fixture for most of the greatest resorts across the globe. At Eastgate we have luxury at our fingertips and we are eager to bring these luxuries to our consumers at reasonable costs with the highest quality standard.

Merriam Webster defines luxury as a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. As specialists in multiple forms of luxury we aim to enhance your comfortability in every situation possible. I recently read an article that has opinions on luxury gathered from people worldwide. A lot of what people agree is that luxury is defined by comfort. Comfort comes from the ability to relax freely, without reserve. Our aim is to bring this “no-reservations” lifestyle to our customers every chance we can.

Resort living….at home is our motto because it speaks directly on how we aim to satisfy our customers. Peace-of-mind is as much a part of comfort as it is a part of making major purchases. The luxuries we provide at Eastgate pools give customers fun, excitement, relaxation, peace-of-mind and a particular comfort you can not get anywhere else. Eastgate pools IS luxury.



Written by Eastgate Team