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What Spa Mode To Operate On

The economy mode will allow the spa to drop 20 degrees off of the set temperate, (if it’s set at 102 it will drop the temp. to 82).  To most, it sounds like this would be the most efficient method to heat the spa. It might be, but it all depends on the usage. If one uses the spa once a week or less, then the economy mode would absolutely be the best and most efficient mode for the hot tub. Most spa owner’s however, use the spa more frequently then this. So, in this instance, let’s say the spa is at 82 degrees and we want it at 102, then the spa would have to run for roughly 4 hours straight to get to the desired temperature. This alone loses any savings that one would hope to benefit from by setting it on economy (unless there is a big gap between uses, like a vacation).

If one is looking to save money on their energy consumption, then adjusting the filter cycle would be a good place to look. One can set the filter cycles down to as low as 4 hours a day on most spas, and this will keep an already efficient low cost system running at its lowest cost to the home owner.