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What to say?

Here at Eastgate Pools & Spas we have been providing little tidbits of advice and information via our blog for a few years now and it isn’t always easy to say something that we haven’t already told you before.  While thinking of something to write about it occurred to me that we might not feature our staff enough.  So I’ll start with a little introduction of myself and I’ll do some little sitdowns with my fellow associates and introduce some of them in the future.


My name is Craig Weaver and I’ve been with Eastgate for almost a decade.  I came to Eastgate with my primary experience coming from selling casual furniture, fireplace accessories, and grills.  I’m primarily an Inground Pool Specialist now, but I still sell a little bit of something from all the other product lines we offer.  I also manage the casual furniture department and help put together our orders for the year.  If you ever have suggestions for products you might like to see just let me know.


Personally, I’m from Kentucky and recently moved just over a mile from the store with my relatively new wife, our two dogs, our two cats, and our two fish.  I’m a movie and music buff as well as a big sports fan and I’m an avid follower of the UK basketball team.  I know that alienates me a bit on this side of town, but that is what I grew up on.  In fact, I lived in Lexington for about seven years.  I have a degree in Organizational Leadership and a minor in Psychology.  Not to worry, I won’t be trying to psychoanalyze any of our customers.


I don’t want to carry on too much, but thought I would offer a little insight into how I arrived at Eastgate Pools and just what my role here encompasses.  So, next time you stop by you can feel free to give me some grief about my Wildcats, but warned…I’m a big fan.  I look forward to the challenge!  Have a great day.






Written by craig