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What’s in a Name?

cascadeare the best because they tend to be household names they’ve heard of through the years. In reality, some of the big names aren’t near the quality they used to be because production has been moved to cheaper labor areas or even the name has been sold. Don’t be fooled. A quality billiard table generally has good thick slate, natural gum rubber cushions, and solid wood top rails and aprons. Obviously, that is a stripped down version of what to look for, but if all things are held equal why would you pay more for a big brand name? Many tables have stronger sub structures than their predecessors and there are pool tables that have been around for decades. Come in to visit us and we can show you exactly what I’m talking about. And if you do choose to buy from us you’ll also get professional installation and your choice of cloth color. I’m sure it would be worth your time. Craig Eastgate Pools & Spas]]>


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