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When Is A Sand Filter Not A Sand Filter?

above ground pool and in-ground pool customers have sand filters on their swimming pool.  Sand filters are popular because they are easy to use but one drawback is that they don’t filter as small a particle as some other types of filters.  Once solution is to replace the sand with something called Zeosand.  This is a high purity zeolite material that has a honeycomb shape.  It is a mined product formed millions of years ago, formed by alkaline salt water adhering to volcanic ash.  The shape of it allows for more surface area than regular silica sand and a cubic foot of Zeosand has the same surface area of 100 football fields.  This is 100 times more than regular sand.  Your filter will clean more effectively and also will not require as much backwashing so it will save you money.  And less backwashing means that less halogen chemicals get washed into the ground making it eco-friendly too.  -Max]]>



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