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Where Have All the Trapper Keeper's Gone?

     Maybe its the fact that we were more easily entertained at a young age than the kids are today, but it seems as if attention spans are minimal and if it doesn’t plug in, it couldn’t possibly be important enough to claim the attention of our kids. The lack of electronics, I guess, made it an easier time back in the ancient days of the 1980’s and 1990’s. I realized this while taking the kiddos back-to-school shopping.

     Now, keep in mind, there is no way that I would do the clothing portion of the back-to-school ritual, but give me the supply list and I’m golden. While shopping, picking through to find the right colored heavy duty binders it occurred to me, there was not a single Trapper Keeper anywhere to be found. The most magical time before the start up of the new school year was sorting through the dozens of Trapper Keeper patterns to find “the right one”. Don’t get me wrong there were some pretty cool things, like the lunch box that looked and beeped like R2-D2, annoying but still cool. To my dismay, I didn’t find a single scented eraser, or pencil, or even scented markers for that matter. Every kid thinks that going back to school is a drag, and it was things like these that made the dreaded shopping trip for school supplies at least palatable. This brings me back to the what I asked in the opening, where have all the good times gone?



Written by chris