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Which Side of the Fence do you Fall on?

I think one thing that gets missed in some of these blogs is the request for feedback, and that is the thing I am hoping to receive quite a bit of from this post. As customer input is key this is definitely a question worth asking… How much is convenience worth? I think as a company we are very upfront in discussing the items that are beyond our scope of work, and referring contractors for the customer to contact directly to complete the portions of projects that we do not do. The reason that we do this is quite simply a way to control customer cost, if we work as a general contractor/middle man there is a cost involved. The question becomes is it worth it to you, as a customer, to pay the additional cost for the convenience to have the additional portions done for you? Or is the most driving factor, as it relates to you, the ability to save money by making those connections with other parties? I hope to hear you weigh in with your feelings. ]]>



Written by chris