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Why don't you do that?

There are certain things that as a company we do not do, and we always need to answer the question why we don’t. There are things that we do not do for safety reasons; such as doing deep ends on above ground pools or sell diving boards for docks or other places that are not designed for diving. There are other times that the work requested is beyond our common scope of work and we may not be able to provide a level of quality that is up to our standards. Long story short it is certainly not an attempt to be difficult, as we will provide you with recommendations on who to contact, but we hope to provide you with the utmost quality and safety. If there is a situation that you need assistance with please feel free to contact us, and we will be as accommodating as possible. We aim to provide you with assistance, whether it is from Eastgate Pools or from a recommendation we provide. So call us if its a question about a pool or even if you just have a simple inquiry that you feel we might have some insight. The guys and gals around here are well-educated and eager to help. ]]>



Written by chris