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Why I'll choose Kamado Joe

I have never been one to view myself as a master chef, nor really a good cook for that matter. I recall a time when my daughter was younger, I told her that I was making dinner and the reply was “but dad you don’t know how to cook”. With keeping the previous statements in mind, and the fact that my daughter has given me a complex about my cooking skills, I have tried to sharpen my culinary skills. Finding recipes on the internet is a great way, but there are no visual techniques shown with this. I have, much to my own amazement, begun to watch some of the cooking shows in order to see some of the techniques applied and see if there are some of these things that I can use myself. As a guy of course I am interested on what can be done on a grill, and how to do some of the things I have never done before. My greatest area of interest recently has been smoking items, which then led me to realize that this is tough to do on a gas grill. When this realization hit me, it then required me to buy a charcoal grill and then realize everything that I thought I knew about charcoal did not relate to smoking. Low indirect heat, and longer cook times tend to give a better flavor. I always knew there were different brands of charcoal, but different types as well? This is one I had never researched, as I was a newbie to grilling on anything other than gas. All of this is leading up to my excitement of our newest product the Kamado Joe line of smoker grills. The trying to determine and maintain low indirect heat in a steel grill body without a heat deflector or thermometer seen from the outside. Kamado Joe smooths out all of the wrinkles that I have encountered trying to use my kettle style grill. Please stop in, check it out, and see the new product line and see how easy smoking at home can be. ]]>



Written by chris