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Winterize your Pool…Properly!

No. NO! NO!!! First ‘No’:  We recommend you do not drain your pool down.  It can allow an inground liner to float when their isn’t enough weight on top of the liner to offset hydraulic pressure from under the liner.  On abovegrounds, it will cause the cover to abrade against top rails and can put extreme stress on the rails and walls and cause damage to the cover and the pool.  We will give you complete step-by-step instructions if you stop in the store. Second ‘No’: Don’t winterize using liquid shock.  It is an oxidizer and will hurt your cover.  The shock weakens the webbing and the seams and is the number one reason why covers split out and dump what is on top into the water.  We have a specially formulated 3-part winterizing kit that will not hurt your cover, and unlike most other kits, it has an extra ingredient that serves as a time-release algaecide.  It is the same kit we have sold for over 30 years. Third ‘No’:  Don’t hang anything from the grommets! The grommets on an aboveground cover are exclusively used to weave the cable through them.  If you hang weighted jugs from them you will put too much stress on the grommets, resulting in them ripping out or shredding the cover.  Want a better option?  Try cover clips that snap the cover to the lip of the top rails or use our Winter Seal wrap.  It is a heavy-duty shrink-wrap that wraps around the toprail and extends down the wall about a third of the way.  At less than 10 bucks, it’s effective and economical.  And one last NEW item is the Pool Pillow Pal.  I wish I had thought of this.  It is an adhesive pad that connects you air pillow to the cover and helps hold the pillow in place all winter, thus making it a cinch to keep the cover pumped off.  Again, less than 10 bucks. Protect your pool and winterize it properly.  Uncle Joe might disagree with us, but hey—we’ve been doing this for over 33 years now.  –Max



Written by Max