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Winterizing Your Spa

1. Turn of the power to your spa.

2. Drain the spa using your floor drain or a submersible pump.
3. Using a shop vac on “blow”, starting at the top jets and working down blow out all the excess water in the plumbing.
4. Disconnect the spa pumps and take out the drain plug.
5. Remove any excess water in the foot area using shop vac.
6. (This step is completely optional. Some people suggest it others do not.)  Using a funnel or turkey baster, pour roughly 2 gallons of swimming pool antifreeze into the jets. The reason I like this step is that invariably, not all of the water is going to get removed. Every spring there is a parade of customers with Frankenstein reconstruction plumbing jobs because a spa was not winterized properly. I would rather be safe and do too much then risk damaging the spa and undertaking a very difficult and expensive repair.  If you opt for step 6, you will need to fill your spa up in the spring, drain it, then refill to expel the antifreeze. (you’ll be out a few dollars in water)