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You think you have problems

goats in treeand got into their in-ground pool. The goat got out easily but they were concerned about sanitation. I explained that we weren’t used to dealing with goats in pools. Sure, we’ve dealt with ducks, geese, and the occasional deer, but no goats. I recommended a little super-chlorination, non-stop filtration, and a strong beverage of choice while waiting for the chlorine level to drop to swimmable levels. As it turns out, a goat in the pool is nothing compared to what happens in Morocco. The Argania tree is admittedly one ugly tree but it bears a fruit that attracts goats. Farmers put fences around the trees until the fruit is ripe, then remove the fences so the goats can get to the trees and the fruit. It’s sort of a climb & dine. This photo is not photo-shopped. These goats really climb the trees! Can you imagine walking out in your back yard, staring up at your apple tree, only to see a goat staring back at you! Personally, I’d rather see a goat than a snake.—Max Eastgate Pools & Spas]]>



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