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Your Above Ground Pool – Keep the Cover Pumped Off

is VERY important that when excess water collects on the cover that you pump if off.  Some people use a siphon hose and some choose to
buy one of our electric cover pumps.  Either way, it is imperative you get as much water off the cover as possible when the thaw occurs.  On a standard size pool,
one inch of water can weigh between one and two tons and the stress placed on top rails is tremendous.  Don’t be surprised if your water level seems to drop in your pool too.  This can be from two sources:  One, displacement from water on the cover will force water out of unplugged skimmers and returns.  Then when the cover is drained off, the pool is lower.  Secondly, if you have a small hole in your cover, you will actually pull water through the cover from underneath.  In effect, you are pumping your pool dry without realizing it.  If this happens it might be time for a new winter cover.  -Service Department]]>