35th Anniversary

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For those of you out there that loved that certain prehistoric family from Bedrock, the Flintstones, you may recall my all-time favorite episode. Its Fred and Wilma’s anniversary and Fred decides to buy Wilma a piano. As is usual, Fred gets Barney involved and the hilarity begins, culminating with Fred and Barney rolling through the streets of Bedrock while playing the piano and singing the Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary song! (I am sure the video clip is readily out there with a quick search!) Boy do I love that episode and I can’t celebrate an anniversary without at least humming the song and thinking of those two nuts at the piano.

Why am I bringing up this episode? Well because its anniversary time! March marks my 35th anniversary here at Eastgate Pools. So, queue up Fred and Barney and start the music. How quickly the years have gone, but thanks to great customers and great coworkers there have been far more good days than bad, and I am sure glad I made the change all of those years ago from one of the competitors to Eastgate Pools. Even better, a year from now I can sing Happy Anniversary to myself again when I celebrate 40 years in the pool business. Yes, 2020 will be 40 years. Wow! Where the heck did the years go? I am starting to think that maybe Fred and I were punching the same time clock all those years ago. Just can’t remember whether I had a boss named Mr. Slate???? Wilma!!!!!!!!!