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Pool FAQs


When the installer levels the area where the above ground pool will be placed, they will level 3 feet more than the pool size in all directions. This means that a 12'x24' oval pool will require approximately 18'x30' to properly place it. A 24' diameter round above ground pool will require a 27' diameter to contain it.

Even a "small" pool can bring years of enjoyment to an average to a large sized family. However, in many cases, the difference in cost between a "small pool" and a "large pool" is very small in comparison. An 18' pool has approximately 8000 gallons, yet it is only about 20% less to purchase than a 24' pool - approximately 14,000 gallons. (A 75% larger swim volume!) A 27' pool has approximately 18,000 gallons - 30% more volume than a 24', yet is only about 14% more expensive. When it comes to oval pools, the differences in construction, supply, and installation tend to make them quite a bit more costly than comparable round pools. (In volume) For example, a 15'x30' oval pool, which has approximately 13,000 gallons, will cost nearly 60% more than a 14,000 gallon 24' round!

Yes we do. We have financing options through Wells Fargo. An Eastgate Pools and Spas associate can provide you with more details.

We offer both sand and cartridge filtration systems. Cartridge filters will filter smaller particles than sand filters and tend to be easier to clean with less water loss. The cartridges are extremely durable and clean up very well. Sand filters are preferred by some, mostly due to familiarity issues. They are relatively easy to work with and require little in the way of upkeep. However, sand loses its grooves and edges and must be changed every 2 to 3 years to remain most effective.

Start by knowing your filter's clean operating pressure. This is the reading on the pressure gauge, in p.s.i., that will appear when the filter is first started (with pump at full prime). For cartridge filters: When the pressure rises 3-5 p.s.i. above the clean operating pressure, it is time to take the cartridge filter out of the tank and rinse it off with a hose/spray nozzle. Pressure washers are not recommended. For sand filters: When the pressure rises 5-7 p.s.i. above clean operating pressure, it is time to backwash (until the water runs clear) and then rinse (for 30-45 seconds). Clean these systems as necessary, and do not overdo it. A slightly "dirty" filter will actually pull more waterborne particles out of the water than a "pristine" one.

These two situations can cause an influx of organic and other waste products. They can tax your sanitizer's effectiveness. The best way to prevent cloudiness and algae growth is to increase your pool's sanitizer level by shocking the pool water, either with liquid chlorine or a granular shock treatment like our Simple Salt Shimmer 2. Ask your Eastgate Pools and Spas professional for details.

This is a matter of choice. Liquid chlorine treatment is 100% soluble and relatively easy to find. However, it is important to get it while it is fresh. Eastgate Pools receives our liquid chlorine within 1 to 2 days of it being bottled. We receive a shipment every 2 weeks, approximately. Big box stores and many other suppliers receive their liquid shock after it has spent time in a storage facility prior to it being shipped to them. Since liquid chlorine is an unstabilized chlorine, the longer it sits, the weaker it becomes. When it comes to fighting algae and bacterial growth, weaker is simply not better, no matter how cheap the price may seem. Powder chlorine, like our Simple Salt Shimmer 2, is also an excellent shock treatment. It is easy to store and will perform about the same as the liquid chlorine in terms of cost-effectiveness. The type doesn't matter as long as it is fresh and used in the proper quantity.

It is recommended that you test your pool water a few (3-5) times per week. This will familiarize you with the slight differences in colors that will tell how your water is "doing." If you would like to compare your results with ours, we have state of the art water testing equipment that provides accurate results as well as helpful information such as safe ranges and proper adjustment dosages. We are always happy to help get you on the right track. Just bring us 12-16 ounces of pool water, taken from 18-24" below the surface, and we will be able to take it from there.

It is recommended that the sand in your filter be changed every 2 to 3 years. The reasons that the sand must be changed are: The high rate of water flow through the sand will cause it to round off and pack down over time. It loses its grooves and edges that help trap the smallest dirt particles. This results in poor filtration and rising pressure, causing the pump to run hotter than necessary. Also, occasionally our customers have water with very high calcium and total alkalinity levels which results in a hardening of the sand known as calcification. This will also cause damage to the pump, as well as the filter.

Yes there is. Eastgate Pools and Spas is proud to sell Brightline Filter Glass, a pulverized glass product that outperforms and outlasts the typical quartz silica sand used in sand filters today. Filter glass will filter down to a miniscule 3-5 microns in particle size, whereas silica sand will filter between 25-30 microns. Filter glass will also last 7 to10 years without needing to be changed, versus 2 to 3 years for quartz silica. If you have ever changed your own filter sand, this is a BIG deal!

First of all, if you have a 2-speed pump, or a variable speed pump, you can run it continuously, so as to effect maximum flow at minimum electrical expense. When vacuuming or adding chemicals, high speed is the preferred way to run the pump. The rest of the time, though, low speed will provide plenty of flow to keep the pool clean. The pool industry will generally recommend turning the entire volume of pool water over twice in a 24-hour period. 27'/28', 30' and 33' pools have large enough volumes that you will want to run their pumps 24 hours per day. 24' and smaller pools can run 12 to 14 hours per day and still meet that recommendation. The final decision, of course, is up to you and can also vary due to environmental factors and pool usage.

Yes there is. Since the cover will be collecting rainwater and snow, it is highly recommended that it be regularly pumped off. An inch or two of water is recommended to weigh down the cover, but any more than that is a bad idea. As water accumulates, the weight and pressure from that water pulls on the fabric of the cover and wears it down. The fabric will tear and allow water to transfer through the cover. Keeping the cover clean and pumped off is very important to the life of your cover.

No above ground pool is 100% maintenance free. There are a number of automatic pool cleaners that your sales professional can tell you about. They will reduce your labor load greatly. Kick back and relax while an automatic pool cleaner keeps your pool nice and clean!

In terms of chemical maintenance, the Simple Salt System will make it much easier to stay on top of your above ground pool's water chemistry and cleanliness. It all starts with the mineral chamber, which dispenses minerals to help keep the water clean, safe, and clear. In addition to those minerals, Simple Salt Shimmer 2 is added weekly and Simple Salt Vivid (clarifying enzymes) are added once every two weeks to help keep the pool water soft, silky and clear! Overall, maintenance and work will be reduced substantially by this system. Be sure to ask your salesperson about the benefits of The Simple Salt System today.

Hot Tub + Spa FAQs


Figures can vary depending on electric suppliers, but estimate between $25-30 per month during cooler weather. As for warmer weather, figure much lower. A good estimate for monthly usage would be between $18-20 per month.

Yes it can. With the ability to adjust the spa water temperature, it can be used all year long. Some spa owners turn the temperature down in the warmer months and then back up in the cooler months. Of course, everyone is different, but many of our customers tell us how much they enjoy using their spa on a snowy winter evening. No matter the season or time of day, a spa will always make life better. (Some health conditions require lower temperature settings so check with your physician if any question about the safe operating temperature for your spa.)

Yes you can. However, as of yet, only 1 spa manufacturer has included a salt chlorine generator as a part of their spa's sanitizing program. From what we can tell, they are not as maintenance free as the manufacturer would have you believe. Summary, while we have researched these units for our spas, we have deemed them to not be a good water care solution on spas.

The number of jets in a spa is not nearly as important as jet location and selection. Be sure to choose a spa that addresses your personal therapeutic needs. Proper hydrotherapy makes any spa worth having around.

Yes they can. However, it is recommended that no child under 5 years of age use a spa at all. For children, in general, it is recommended that the water temperature of the spa be as close to body temperature (98.6 degrees F) as possible. It is also recommended that soak time for children be limited to 10 minutes or less. (For specific questions or concerns, please check with your child’s pediatrician or physician.)

For over 40 years, Eastgate Pools and Spas has serviced the products we sell. So yes, if your spa came from Eastgate Pools we can service it for you! We are available year-round for your service needs.

While the upkeep of the spa and preventative maintenance affects this answer, the average spa will last approximately 10 to 15 years. We have witnessed many spas, however, that have far exceeded that estimate.

If the spa is used just a couple of times (2 to 3 times) per week, then spraying the filter off every 3 to 4 weeks will suffice. Heavier use than that will require spraying down every 1 to 2 weeks. Of course, if your spa is in an area with falling leaves or if there are other unusual environmental factors it will need to be cleaned more often.

It is also recommended that the filter(s) be cleaned and soaked using Simple Blue Filter Clean Tabs every 3 to 4 months to prevent deep clogging of the cartridge filter's pores with organics and oils.

It is traditionally recommended that the spa have space around it so that it can be serviced down the road. The space suggested will be between 2' to 3' all the way around. This will usually allow a service person the room needed to work on all areas of the spa. The area where steps will provide access will need slightly more space.

Draining, cleaning, and refilling the spa is recommended because of the environment that is created in a spa and in its water. Every time the spa is used, organic matter such as skin cells, body oils, make-up, various lotions, etc., is released into the spa water. The cartridge filter and the spa chemicals together are there to destroy and remove these pollutants. However, in an environment that is so close in temperature to human body temperature, 100% removal of and protection from these items is not guaranteed. Error on the side of caution. Drain the spa every 4 months for regular usage, and every 2 months for heavy (every day) usage. For spas using the Simple Spa chemical program, refer to the laminated card that came with your Simple Spa kit for complete instructions or just ask us for recommendations!

We carry two products that will make your life easier when it comes to removal and replacement of your new spa cover: the Cover Valet Pro and the Cover Valet Rock-It. They will both allow you to take the cover off and put it back on without the need of help. They will also extend your spa cover's life by preventing it from constantly rubbing on or being dragged over the deck or patio.

While there are numerous programs available in the spa marketplace that will sanitize and protect your spa, the Simple Spa chemical program has proven, for us, to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly program that we have ever used. It starts with a mineral chamber that provides most of the sanitizing. In addition to the mineral chamber, there are also support chemicals that will prevent biofilm (a major source of harmful bacteria) build-up, as well as removing organic waste products after each spa use. We find that the Simple Spa System is the most comprehensive and effective chemical system we have ever used on our spas.

While there are numerous programs available in the spa marketplace that will sanitize and protect your spa, the Simple Spa chemical program has proven, for us, to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly program that we have ever used. It starts with a mineral chamber that provides most of the sanitizing. In addition to the mineral chamber, there are also support chemicals that will prevent biofilm (a major source of harmful bacteria) build-up, as well as removing organic waste products after each spa use. We find that the Simple Spa System is the most comprehensive and effective chemical system we have ever used on our spas.

Casual + Patio Furniture FAQs


Yes, we do offer fast, convenient service.

All of the glass tables we sell are tempered glass.

Wicker is a natural wood product that, when exposed to moisture, can break down over time. All-weather wicker is a synthetic, water resistant product.

Yes! We do offer the option to special order, so you can customize your furniture to fit your needs. We have fabric and frame samples available at our store for your convenience.

We carry umbrellas and bases in a variety of colors and styles as well as a full line of furniture covers. We also have a selection of outdoor lights, fireburners, fountains and more.

We stock quite a few non-glass table alternatives including aluminum slat top, porcelain tile, cast aluminum and more.

An unattended umbrella on casual furniture is an invitation to disaster. Our weather changes quickly and a raised umbrella can tip over, breaking both the umbrella and the table. Always lower your umbrella when not in use.

Yes! We carry bistro and bar height sets as well as conversation and gas firepit sets. We also have a wide selection of side tables, ottomans, recliner and lounge chairs.

Check with your salesperson on the specific requirements for your tabletop. Some tabletops require specific products to be used in sealing while other materials require no special care.