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Above-Ground Pool Deals

So, you put off buying that above-ground pool and now, it’s too late.

Wrong! This is a great time of year to get that family pool. “But why?” you might ask. Summer is winding down, kids are returning to school, and there isn’t much time left to swim this season.  All true but allow me to explain.

It’s about the Benjamins.

The incentive to buy in April or May was to swim this year. The incentive to buy now is simple. Bargain-hunters are looking to save some dough and pricing will likely never be lower than now. While you aren’t going to swim much this year, you’ll be set for years AND at a very favorable price.

So why would Eastgate Pools drop their price now? It’s simple. We are looking to generate late season sales. Plus, we need to create warehouse space for products that will arrive this fall and winter. And even if we are re-ordering the same pool model(s) that we are discounting, there will be changes. Sometimes these changes are slight; sometimes they are big, such as wall or top rail designs. We need to keep inventory clear of confusion or model overlaps.

It’s about the yard.

An above-ground pool installation is a big construction project. We use a Bobcat excavator, and it weighs several tons. Early spring installs face the inevitable problem of soggy, even boggy ground. Sometimes we simply can’t get into a yard for fear of destroying it. Plus, spring showers bring delays. And when we can get in, that Bobcat will still leave ruts and mud piles. We do our best to keep things neat and tidy, but the homeowner will have big landscaping work to do.

On the other hand, ground is dry now and the Bobcat will create far fewer issues. There will be less work for the homeowner to get the yard back into the desired shape.

It’s about the sweat.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, when would you rather build your own pool? It was hot this summer, with peak-months’ temperatures reaching into the mid-nineties. And the humidity? Sweltering! Now, as we stretch towards fall, days are generally much more comfortable. Sure, we’ll still get days that feel like mid-July, but they will be fewer in number and duration. You and your helper-buddies will have far less sweat equity to pay this time of year.

It's about…choices.

Okay—you want to save money but really don’t want the pool built now. That’s fine, too. Pick out your pool, place a deposit on it now, and we’ll build it in 2024. You can even make payments over the winter so that when we arrive, the pool is virtually paid off. It doesn’t help our warehouse spacing issue, but it does generate a sale and we can live with that.

To sum up…

Buy a pool now and beat the inevitable 2024 price increase. Have it built or build it yourself this fall. You’ll have far less post-installation yard cleanup. Plus, there are still several quality swim weeks left this year! Many of our patrons swim well into October. Lastly, purchase now, put down a deposit, and have it built next year. You may be at the mercy of the spring rain Gods, but you’ll have saved a big chunk of money. And knowing that will keep the smile on your face while straightening up your yard.