Above-Ground Pool Strategy 2022

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Pool Strategy

If you are searching for guidance on wintertime pool care, this commentary won’t help you. However, I’ve done that in two recent posts with Swimming Pool Winterization and Leaf Covers and Nets. Feel free to click on the links and check them out. If you have unexplained questions or concerns, a quick call to the store should solve the problem. As for this article, it is purely advice: If you are considering getting a pool in 2022, act now.

Why the Rush?

I’ll explain by starting with my history. In the 1980’s, I installed almost all of the above-ground pools Eastgate Pools sold with an installation package. My crews and I labored to keep the time from sale to completion short. Usually, pools were built within two to three weeks of the sale. Anything longer and everyone was disappointed, including me. Of course, a week of rain could wreak havoc to the schedule, but people were understanding.

These days, more people are buying above-ground pools. The word is out. They look better, last longer, and provide years, if not decades, of family fun. And that means the installation list grows longer every year. This is true for all companies that sell and build their own pools, not just Eastgate Pools & Spas.So, get on the list now and move to the top.

Pool Strategy

Professional Installation Brings Customer Satisfaction.

After I quit building, I ended up inside the store scheduling jobs. In the process, I had every Tom, Dick, and Harriet stop in and announce they were pool builders. Some were qualified; some were would-be builders—imposters, easy to spot. One thing I have always admired about Eastgate Pools is that they refused to hand out jobs to unproven builders. Sure, it lengthened the list but shortened the headaches. People put their faith in the company, and everything was done to make sure it was a good decision. Never has a worried customer called asking why the installer had to read the pool’s assembly instructions.

The same is as true today as it was forty years ago. A quality professional installation is preferable to a shoddy amateur installation. But it doesn’t shorten the list.

The Benefits of Buying Now.

Sure, temperatures have dropped to winter-coat time and soon we’ll have snow on the ground. But by planning ahead, you can get an early installation that guarantees a full season of use in 2022. If you wait until spring comes and motivates you to buy, you may lose several months of use. Early installations also allow your yard to recover from the construction process more quickly.

We know that Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ll have other things to buy. That’s why Eastgate Pools does not require payment in full this fall. A deposit locks you into a timely installation, with the balance due upon completion.

This is nothing new. We’ve sold about a gazillion pools as presents for over forty years. Okay…maybe not a gazillion, but you get the idea. If you want to have some extra fun with the gift, just wrap up a bottom plate or top cap. Then let everyone try to figure out what the heck it is. Just ask our store manager Chris for an extra.

To Sum it all up…

You may be thinking this is just a sales pitch, but it’s not. We, as well as our competition, are going to sell our pools, no matter the time of year purchased. We’d just like to help you avoid the ‘I wish I’d have acted quicker’ syndrome.

When shopping, get an estimated installation period from the seller. Some places quote much shorter times, but often that is just the pool delivery. The pool is dropped off and then the buyer is told to expect a call from the builder to schedule. We’ve heard that can sometimes be several weeks…even months. Meanwhile, your pool investment takes up space in the yard or driveway. Make sure you clarify ‘delivered’ versus ‘installed’.

Lastly, save some green by getting 2021 pricing before 2022 comes around. The savings may even help with those other holiday gifts.