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Swimming Pools

Why people buy pools.

It’s simple. Pools are fun for the whole family. Most people have fond memories of growing up, splashing around in the family pool or at the local YMCA. Many had a neighbor down the street with a pool. Lucky you if they invited you over for pool parties. Ah—the vacations. Some were to faraway places where you could cool off with a quick dip or float down a lazy river. Afterwards, you would grab a chaise and good book and read a couple pages before drifting off to sleep.

Yes, for most of us, pools have always been a pleasant part of our past. I’ve heard this story hundreds of times: “I don’t need anything great. I just need something for the kids until they are out of the house.” I’ve also been told: “Sure glad we got a good pool. Now my grandkids enjoy the pool when they come to visit.” Indeed, pools link generations with all new swimming pool memories.

And so, get a good one.

For those in the greater Cincinnati market, Eastgate Pools & Spas has a broad selection of in-stock above ground pools. With seven models to choose from, you can be assured of getting a quality pool at a fair price. But what makes them such good values is that their components have quality attributes. All feature steel walls for strength, galvanized for durability. Utilizing the process of hot-dip galvanization, some models have as much as 1.15 ounce of zinc per square foot. This process involves submersing the steel in a zinc bath, thus coating both sides.

The ESP difference. 

No, I’m not talking about extra sensory perception. Regarding pools, ESP stands for Enhanced Structural Polymer. ESP is not just plastic. Structural polymers are enhanced with layered silicates that make them stronger than basic plastics. Many models utilize ESP technology for bottom plates. These plates are junction points for tracks that hold the wall in place, with side posts bolting into them.

Some models feature ESP top rails and side posts. That’s an alternative for those that do not want steel rails and posts. Once again, there are unseen differences between ESP rails and others’ plastic rails. Our models contain UV inhibitors, and that’s especially important. This minimizes wear and degradation and means that these components will last! Lesser pools that do not utilize ESP may require entire new sets of top rails every few years.

The heart of the pool.

The pool component that needs to be the strongest is the wall. All walls are steel, and that’s a good thing. Why? The answer is pure strength. The wall holds back a massive volume of water. For example, a 28-foot pool holds approximately 20,000-gallons. Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. That’s 166,000 pounds of water—83-tons! Steel is strong and durable when properly galvanized.

Many models also come with a special wall feature called the Wall Saver. I call it the Pool Saver. It is a removable panel containing the skimmer and return knockouts. In the unlikely event that rust occurs in this area, the panel can be removed and replaced. The beauty is that the panel matches the look of the wall, making it virtually invisible. In my opinion, this is far superior to an alternative material being used as a replacement panel. It doesn’t match, sticking out like a sore thumb and ruining the aesthetics. And it makes a statement about the quality of the wall itself. A different material at the area most susceptible to rust shows a lack of confidence in the steel used.


There’s lots to choose from with nine round sizes, from a cozy 15’ diameter to a massive 33’. Additionally, Eastgate Pools has three oval sizes available. Every year, we sell out of many models and sizes. If you are serious about a pool, act now while your pool is still available.

In conclusion.

I could write an entire presentation on each model, but that isn’t what this message is about. Click on the Eastgate Pools link and see the models on your computer or smartphone. Better yet, stop at the store and view them in person. Our outdoor pool display lot allows you to see them up close and personal. Plus, you’ll see their liners and the extra-tall 54” walls available on select models.

In short, you’ll see…quality. We hope to see…you.