Are You Open?

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“Are you open” is a very frequent question that we are getting right now on the telephone. And it is perfectly understandable. The answer is surprisingly complicated. While the store is not open to customer foot traffic, we are open to take telephone orders for pool and spa chemicals, parts and accessories. The reality is that if pools and spas are left untreated, they become their very own health hazard. So, we are open to supply needed pool and spa supplies, but we need to take the orders over the phone and then we do a parking lot delivery service.

For the same reason, our service department is performing pool and spa service. Warm weather and dirty pool water on top of pool covers is a marvelous home for mosquitoes. No one needs that! The good thing about pool and spa service is that it is outside and keeping good social distancing is very doable.

As you can see, “are you open” requires a little explanation these days. But this too shall pass, and things will return, albeit maybe slowly, to normal. Be well and try to stay positive.