Cantilever Umbrellas

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Are you looking for something that can make you back yard bearable in the summer? From time to time we have customer coming in looking for an awning to protect them from the sun. While we don’t carry awnings, we have, what I think is a much better, more flexible option. Treasure Garden manufactures very large cantilever umbrellas that can be moved in so many ways that one can always find shade. These umbrellas can be moved around on a swivel in a couple different ways. It can swivel around on its base and the canopies pitch can be moved to make adjustments for a setting sun. Most umbrellas, while giving you shade if the sun is directly overhead, aren’t useful for the setting sun, and this is when many people get home from work and want to relax outside. If you are getting blasted by the sun’s rays and are interested in more quality time outside free from the harmful rays of the sun, come out and check out our 13′ cantilever umbrellas.