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Hot Tub Buyers in Cincinnati

It’s always exciting to talk about something new when we add it to our offerings. Recently, we added an amazing new hot tub manufacturer to our already exceptional lineup: Celtic Hot Tubs. The ‘C’ is pronounced as a ‘K’, like the ancient Europeans of 2000 years ago they are named after. 

Why Celtic Hot Tubs? 

Firstly, you get a lot of hot tub for your money, with features often omitted from much pricier manufacturers. Secondly, they are manufactured just a couple of hours away in Franklin, Kentucky. This minimizes the cost to freight them to Eastgate Pools & Spas, which in turn, keeps the consumer’s price lower. Face it, you want to pay for hot tub fun and therapy, not your hot tub’s truck ride. Freight from the west coast, Mexico, or China can add the better part of $1000 to the purchase price. You won’t get that expense from Franklin, Kentucky! Thirdly, there is a lot of experience behind the Celtic team. They proudly boast “over ten decades of industry expertise” so they know the industry and what consumers want. Their goal is to produce hot tubs emblematic of ancient Celtic philosophy. This is best symbolized by the Triskelion symbol that represents the union of “spirit, mind, and body”. And isn’t that exactly what you want from a hot tub? 

Now, let’s look at features.

Electrical versatility.

An important feature is that nearly half of Celtic Hot Tub units have 110v/220v power options. They can be set up as a plug-and-play unit or as a 220v hard-wire. The best part is they are field convertible without the need to buy a new motor. Try one as a 110 unit, but if you prefer to switch to 220 down the road, it’s a snap. These are all one-pump systems equipped with 2-hp motors. If you prefer a strictly 220v unit, there are two one-pump units with a 4-hp motor and another with two 4-hp motors.

Energy-Shield Insulation.

Three layers of insulation lock in heat and keep energy costs low. Start in the unseen region underneath the unit with a thick layer of closed cell foam on the shell. Then add a double-sided reflective heat wrap that seals up the cabinet and locks-in precious heat. This creates a highly efficient heat retention zone, similar in concept to a double-pane window. The water’s heat is contained by a cover 4-inches thick in the center that tapers to a 3-inch edge. This not only locks the heat in, it drains rainwater away from the unit. The result is an extremely well insulated hot tub.

Celtic-Shield interior.

Unlike most hot tubs, Celtic shells are made of high-density polyethylene plastic. This is a durable shell that is far less slippery than most glossy acrylic shells. The slip-resistant surface is durable, resists fading or cracking, and looks great.

Celtic-Shield exterior cabinetry.

Face it, the exterior cabinet is the part you see 99.9% of the time. Like a stylish set of outdoor furniture, you want it to look great when it’s just setting there. Celtic makes that a reality with amazing textured synthetic cabinets that resemble real wood but with none of the drawbacks. They are durable, virtually maintenance free, and are UV-resistant to reduce fading.

Unique design.

Celtic Hot Tubs are available in both square and round molds. Select a 78-inch square unit or pay homage to the industry’s earlier days with a 78-inch round diameter round hot tub. 

Plenty of jets and Turbo-Boost Therapy.

Stacked jets and jet clusters deliver therapy to muscle groups, but I really like the Turbo-Boost feature. This allows the user to turn a session into an incredible whirlpool experience. This is especially sweet in the round tubs. Swirling and pressurized therapeutic waters provide mind-blowing sensations. Hang on for a unique hot tub experience.

Celtic-Clean Water Management.

Every hot tub needs to circulate the water when not in use. This avoids stagnation and continues the filtration process while also helping sanitize the water. With Celtic Hot Tubs, you select when you want these cycles to occur. Then twice a day, your hot tub will automatically turn on and run a low-speed filtration cycle. This is an inexpensive programming step that costs just pennies a day, but helps guarantee a safe, clean user environment. Celtic Hot Tubs complete the process with a Corona Discharge Ozone Generator that helps oxidize organic particles and bacteria. It also lowers the normally needed levels for many sanitizers, and that saves the user money, too.


Most hot tub owners don’t know or care much about who makes their hot tub control system. They just want it to be dependable and do what it is supposed to do. But just like computers, some are most definitely more dependable than others. In the world of hot tubs, Gecko is acknowledged as an industry leader and one of the best available. And now, through the Gecko In-Touch App, you can access your hot tub remotely. On a cruise in the South Pacific or at your neighbor’s house down the street? No problem. Make sure your Celtic Hot Tub is functioning properly, or simply adjust the temperature setting for when you return home. If you have internet, you are never out of touch with your Celtic Hot Tub.

In conclusion.

Sure, I could talk about individual models, but that’s not necessary here. Check them out via eastgatepools.com or better yet, stop in at the store and request a demonstration. You’ll see why many existing customers with old hot tubs are jumping to Celtic Hot Tubs. And as a potential first-time buyer, we know you will be impressed.

As the old Irish Celtic toast to your health goes, Sláinte!