Christmas Gift Ideas

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Unique Christmas Presents

When I was just a youngster, I was easy to shop for. One year, I received some baseballs and a new ball glove. I was in heaven. Another year, I got a wrapped basketball. Looking at the package, I knew it was a basketball or a globe. When the gift was bounced to me, that eliminated any confusion. Board games were always appreciated, too. But now I am told that I am difficult to shop for. It seems that comes with age. I also find it increasingly difficult to shop for others. Everyone in the family seems to already have everything I think about.

So, perhaps you are experiencing the same quandary. Well, I have a solution. Visit Eastgate Pools & Spas and find some gift ideas that wouldn’t normally grace the brainwaves. Here are but just a few.

Hot Tub/Spa owners

  • Spas scents. Hey, they make any tub session even better.

  • Hot tub steps. Helping to make entry and exit a little easier, and safer.

  • Chemicals. This may not sound exciting, but they’ll be appreciated.

  • A towel tree. Keep robes and towels off the deck and out of the slush.

Swimming pool owners

  • Automatic pool cleaners for in-ground pools. I’m not talking about old-fashioned hand vacuums. I’m talking robotic cleaners. They clean the floor, climb the walls, and scrub the waterline. So, while you relax inside on the sofa or outside on a chaise by the pool, your pool gets cleaned.

  • Uh…the chaise lounge mentioned above.

  • Above ground pool owners, Eastgate Pools has an auto-cleaner for you, too. Most of our patrons choose one that easily connects to the skimmer and utilizes suction to clean. It’s like hand vacuuming the pool without actually doing any of the work. Just sit back and relax in that chaise I keep mentioning.

  • Pool floats. While blow-up ones are nice, perhaps a better idea is a mat-style float for lounging on the water.

Big Green Egg/Kamado-style smoker grills.

  • How about a grill cover specifically designed for kamado-style grills! There are two different sizes, so you’ll need to know the model. If the grill came from Eastgate Pools, we’ll have that information on file.

  • Fire starters to get the fire going.

  • Grilling accessories. We have a great selection, from tool sets and meat infusers, to lump charcoal and ash removal pans.

  • A Big Green Egg grill. Hey…why not? Especially if you’re treating yourself.

Billiard/game room related fun

Not everyone knows, but Eastgate Pools is one of the region’s better-equipped billiard accessory stores.

  • Cues, for the beginner to the experienced player, and everyone in between.

  • Billiard balls. A quality billiard ball makes any player better. Except me.

  • Darts. Get the point?

  • Dart boards. For a good game, we recommend a bristle board, not a rolled paper board. And to protect your wall, consider a surround for the board. Just saying…

Outdoor and sunroom furniture.

This might not be a product category at the top of your list, but maybe it should be. This is a great time of year to get a super deal on quality furniture. Furthermore, Eastgate Pools caries some unique items that you likely won’t find elsewhere.

  • How about an Amish-made poly set featuring counter-height gliders and matching round table! You won’t find that in a grocery store or lumber yard.

  • Maybe an LP gas fire table is something you’d consider.

  • Furniture covers. Cover individual pieces or get one that fits over chairs and the table together.

  • Outdoor patio umbrellas. Plus, add a new base that works on a holed table or get a base for freestanding umbrella use.

Still stumped?

There’s always the old fallback of an Eastgate Pools & Spas Gift Card. You may wish to pick get one for yourself. There are some bonus specials on Gift Cards, now thru Christmas Eve. See store for details.

Everyone, we wish you the best for this holiday season and look forward to helping you find a special gift.