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Give Monkey Farts for Christmas!

Well, that should have gotten your attention. Now, I’ll explain. Monkey Farts is the name of the most popular hot tub spa scent we sell. But it smells incredible and thankfully, nothing like the name might suggest. Last year, it was also one of our biggest sellers for Christmas gift searchers. Many packaged it with other equally unique scents and turned the set into a really cool under-the-tree gift present.

I start this blog with Monkey Farts for a reason. Like many, it seems to get harder every year to find neat stuff that will be appreciated. Following are just a few ideas and suggestions. I hope they will help get the brain working and the creative juices flowing.

Hot Tubs/Spas:

Towel trees provide the perfect place to leave a towel or robe while using the tub. It beats dropping them in the splash-out, snow, or dirt on the deck or patio.

Synthetic all-weather steps are available in several colors and require virtually no maintenance. They assemble in just a few minutes and last for years. Perhaps most importantly, they provide an easy, safe way in and out of the hot tub.

Outdoor Furniture:

Durable outdoor furniture covers protect furniture and help it last! Hint: there are lots of sizes available so know the overall size of the table, set, or individual piece you want to help cover with your gift.

Get a little creative with an outdoor gas fire table. If you have family or friends that enjoy setting around a campfire, this might be the perfect gift. And there is a big advantage to a gas fire table. A wood fire takes time to burn out, but when you’re done enjoying the gas table, just turn it off.

Everybody loves a great chaise lounge, and we have a great selection as we have received 2024 inventory. Give the gift of chilling out.

Billiard Accessories:

You didn’t know Eastgate Pools has a great billiard accessory department? Now you do. Here’s some help finding a great gift for the pool-player on your list.

For the in-home player, I recommend a nice 1-piece maple cue. Avoid the ultra-economy cues that have wood that looks snarled or twisted. Go with the solid maple. It lasts longer, and when properly racked when not in use, much less likely to warp.

If you want something fancier, get a beautiful 2-piece. Eastgate Pools has an amazing selection featuring different grip wraps, silk-screen finishes, and inlaid designs. You can spend a little, or you can spend a lot. That’s up to you. But if you are getting the cue for a player that frequently plays away from home, add a travel case. Available to hold either one or two complete 2-piece cues, it protects the investment.

Big Green Egg Ceramic Grills and Accessories:

What grilling aficionado doesn’t want a Big Green Egg! This would be the ultimate grill gift. But if your budget is a little more modest and the recipient already has a grill, we have a genuinely nice selection of grilling accessories. Wood chips, kamado-style grill covers, lump charcoal, fire starters—they all make great gifts for the kamado-style grill owner. We also sell accessories that can be used by traditional gas-grill owners, including utensils and tools, infusers, and remote temperature sensors.

Swimming Pools and Pool Accessories:

Of course, we have pool stuff. After all, it’s in our name! I could mention motors and filters, but let’s see if we can find things that are more fun.

Start with pool floats and toys. Begin with an inflatable lounge float that places the user a little higher out of the water. This keeps them drier, at least until the splash wars begin. And what pool user doesn’t want dive toys, masks and snorkels, beach balls, or a neat pool game? Get them a whole set!

Help reduce or even eliminate hand cleaning the pool with a robotic pool cleaner. These babies do the work while the owner relaxes by the pool or takes a dip in the hot tub. With both in-ground and above ground models, they are the ultimate pool gift.

In summary.

I hope these ideas get you considering home-leisure gifts. They’re a lot more fun than ties, socks, or underwear, and will last much longer. More importantly, they will be appreciated. Make it memorable.