Casual Outdoor Furniture Coming Attractions

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What many people don’t realize is just how early the buying cycle begins for the next casual outdoor furniture season. By July the next year’s casual outdoor furniture purchases are being made. As part of that buying process many outdoor furniture manufacturers head to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to show off their latest designs and the newest in colors.

Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture

Being among the very best manufacturers in the Poly Furniture category, Ohio’s very own Berlin Gardens is in Chicago as well each July. This past July in their display area I was immediately drawn to a chair. At first, I thought it was their Mayhew Adirondack Chair, but something looked different. After a short time I realized that while it was part of the Mayhew family, it was not their Adirondack Chair. Instead I learned that it was Berlin Garden’s new Mayhew Chat Chair.

After sitting in this new chair for a few minutes, I realized how much I liked the feel of it. Very comfortable and what I really noticed when I stood up was that it was easier to get out of than a regular Adirondack. As I get a little older and the knees and back a little sorer, not an insignificant fact.

Needless to say, I was sold on the new Mayhew Chat Chair and it went on to Eastgate’s 2020 season order with Berlin Gardens. I see it as being the perfect chair for around fire pits, fire tables and chat height tables. I know I can not be the only more and more seasoned person that could use a little easier to get out of chair! Looking for a great chat height chair, check out the Mayhew Chat Chair on display in early spring 2020!