Crab Shells For Clarity?

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One of the most common concerns with pool and spa water is the clarity of the water.  Nothing is less inviting than cloudy water.  What is even more frustrating is trying to address that cloudiness and it can crop up at the most inopportune times.  As much as we would all like to expect our filtration system to consistently keep our water perfectly clear, it isn’t a miracle worker and there are any number of environmental and chemical factors that can muddy the waters before you know it.

Perhaps one of the best ways to address turbid water is to use Chitosan based pool clarifier.  Chitosan is a naturally occurring polymer that is found in crab shells.  When recycled crab shells are added to water it has a positive charge which will attract particles in the water.  Those particles can then be more easily filtered from the water.  Chitosan can even chelate metals present in the water to help prevent staining.  It removes oils and scum and thereby restores the clear sparkling quality of water.

What is better than a natural approach to a common problem with pools and spas?  It works with every sanitizer on the market regardless of chemical levels.  It is so safe that you can swim immediately after using it.  And unlike many clarifiers, you cannot over use it.  Some clarifiers, when over used, can create sticky waterline residue that is almost worse than the alternative.  That isn’t a risk for Chitosan based clarifiers.

So, the next time you need to clear your water up or even if you just want to help prevent that from being an issue, stop in and let us show you what a miracle recycled crab shells can be.  You help reduce waste and keep a shimmer to your pool that makes it the beautiful backyard oasis you always expected it to be.