Exposing The Jet Myth

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Back in 2004 when I began my career here at Eastgate Pools we carried a brand of spas that focused on performance and durability, not showroom pizazz.  For cost reasons that manufacturer is no longer part of our product offering, but one of their fundamental features remains a constant in the products we’ve chosen to offer in the years since, and that is water flow.  We frequently have customers come in and ask about horsepower, and even more commonly the number of jets.  I won’t try to argue that jet placement, jet type, and even jet count don’t matter.  They do.  Number of jets, however, can be very misleading.

For frame of reference, I one time had the luxury of attending the pool and spa show in Atlantic City.  I saw a spa there with at least 100 jets.  Most of the seats literally looked like there was a jet to cover every square inch of a bather’s body.  While I won’t use this forum to get into details on how each jet differs, it is important to recognize that jets are not equal.  More importantly, the amount of water delivered by each jet can vary.  A greater concentration of water flow compared to the air mixture at the jet is going to deliver a deeper more therapeutic massage.  This more effectively takes advantage of the heated water.  Smaller jets tend to focus flow directly on the nerve endings.  That can have benefits, but generally progresses to an itching or tingling sensation.  Not the best way to relax.  So, when you’re looking at a spa it is important to understand that 65 jets aren’t necessarily better than 45 jets.  In fact, there is a good chance it just means you have more small jets and likely a diminished therapeutic experience.  You can have too few jets, also.  But remember that there is only so much water that a pump can move, so spreading that volume thinner amongst more jets is only beneficial to make the water bubble more on the showroom floor.  When in doubt, feel the actual jets to get a better sense of what the spa can do for you.  Also, find out how much water is being moved.  That is the only number that will give a reasonable number to compare from one spa to another.  We would certainly be happy to help you understand.