Getting New Outdoor Furniture This Fall. A Great Idea!

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And just why…?

It’s simple. You’ll save money.

We tend to be a society of procrastinators. You think about getting that oil change that’s already past due. Maybe next week. You think about going on that diet that sounds so promising. Maybe after the holidays. You think about getting that new set of furniture for the deck or sunroom. Maybe next summer.

Then again, maybe you don’t care about saving money, but I doubt that. Outdoor furniture purchased at end-of-season demo or close-out prices gets you comfortable, long-lasting furniture at sizeable discounts. This is specifically true when purchased from a company that specializes in outdoor furniture. Eastgate Pools & Spas features outdoor furniture year-round and frequently has over one-hundred sets on display. On the other hand, you can choose to get furniture from a lumber yard or grocery store. But not now. They’ve already moved on from furniture this year. That space is now filled with Halloween and Thanksgiving seasonal items. I even saw a Christmas paper display at one box store. They do this because outdoor furniture is a sideline product or them. Stop for milk and eggs—get a set of furniture. I don’t think so.

But it’s not just about the price.

Quality matters unless you plan to purchase new furniture every few years. Granted, a lot of box store furniture looks nice, but the difference is in the details. Is it a steel set that can rust quickly or is it an extruded aluminum that won’t? Is the furniture a simple spray paint or is the frame powder coated for maximum protection and durability? Is the matching umbrella made of spun polyester that will fade out in a year or two? Or is the fabric something better? Solefin, O’bravia and Sunbrella…all three hold their colors much better.


When I go grocery shopping, I inevitably end up in the ice cream aisle. Talk about selection! My local store must have a dozen brands and twice that many flavors. Now, imagine if there was just one brand and vanilla was the only flavor. “We had chocolate, but it’s gone for the season. Sorry.” Better hope you like vanilla. 

We don’t have ice cream a Eastgate Pools & Spas, but we do have an excellent selection of furniture. Some arrived late this season and will be in the program for 2023. But many sets are priced exceedingly below summer pricing. Some sets are signed ‘Price Blowout’, while others are one-of-the-kind demos. All will be of superior quality.

Made to last.

I own a set of Telescope Casual that I got at Eastgate Pools & Spas in 1997. 25 years and going strong. The rockers still rock and the powder coated finish still looks great. I also have deck-height Berlin Gardens chairs and end-tables in another area. They’re new though and only nine years old. What do they have in common? Quality, durability, and comfort.

Stop in and see the Eastgate Pools & Spas selection. You might just save some money with an end-of-season special. Even better, you might find a set that you will still be loving a quarter of a century from now.