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It’s Crunch Time.

If you are still struggling to find a meaningful gift for a special person on your holiday list, try this. Stop at Eastgate Pools and get them a gift card. Here’s the thing: tis better to get them a card they will use instead of something unneeded or unwanted. If you are buying for a billiard player, a gift card is better unless you know exactly what they want. Serious players have a specific cue weight and type of grip they prefer. Therefore, a gift card takes the pressure off both of you. You won’t have to fret that you got it right and the player won’t have to fake loving the present.

The same holds true for the hot tub/spa afficionado. If your friend like spa scents, there are a variety to choose from. Again, the card lets the gift receiver choose. Then again, one of our _inSPAration_Pillow Packs has a variety of individual scents so that might be the exception. Still, you get the idea.

Pool owners need pool chemicals and accessories, but just not right now. A gift card lets them get the proper necessities in the spring when they open their pool. Plus, they will get fresh chemicals, not something stored in their garage or barn for months.

Do you want to put a bag of Big Green Egg lump charcoal under the tree?  I didn’t think so. Gift card, please!

A Little Bonus.

If you are a member of our EPerx Club, now through December 24th, 2021, you can get a sweet bonus. Purchase a single gift card of $100 or more and you’ll get a $20 bonus card for FREE. Free card(s) may not be applied towards the balance of any previously purchased or contracted product or service. A maximum of three free $20 gift cards may be earned per EPerx account or family.

Not an EPerx member? It’s free to join. Just sign up in-store and instantly become eligible for this great offer.

A Final Thought.

Skip the necktie, ugly sweater, or self-help book that will never get opened, let alone read. A gift card may not seem creative, but it does allow the recipient to create their own gift. And you can bet that they’ll get something they truly want.