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Good News from Eastgate Pools & Spas!

When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, we temporarily closed the store to customer traffic, even though we were technically permitted to remain open in a limited capacity. We chose to protect our associates and customers the best way we could, and we felt that was by closing the store to all traffic.

Ohioans have worked hard and sacrificed to flatten the curve, and it has worked. As such**, effective Friday May 1st, we will reopen our store to limited customer traffic!** However, we are still committed to providing everyone—associates and customers—with a convenient, safe environment. As such, there are several new programs and procedures we will be unveiling:

  • Inside the showroom, only our chemical, water test station, and accessory areas will be open. Hot tubs, furniture, and the in-ground conference area will remain closed until May 12th.

  • We will offer a second water test station. It will be located outside under one of our large tents.

  • For your ease of shopping and to help maintain proper social distancing, we will provide an outdoor selection of our most common chemicals and accessories. These will also be found under one of our large tents.

  • You will not need to go inside to pay as we will also have a remote checkout register located under the pavilion which is next to the outdoor fireplace and the tents.

  • We will require all associates AND customers to wear masks or face coverings when in the store or while utilizing our exterior service facilities. Please understand that when we wear a mask or face covering, it is to protect YOU. We ask that you value our associates’ well-being, too.

  • We will have Plexiglas partitions separating customers and associates at the checkout locations in the store and at the water test stations.

  • Please adhere to the six-foot social distancing rule. Floors will be marked at checkout and test locations.

  • We will take thorough, ongoing steps to keep the store and exterior facilities sanitized.

For those uncomfortable with shopping, in-store or in our new tent chemical and accessory area, we will continue our Parking Lot Pick Up Program. Phone in your chemical and accessory order at 513-528-4141 and pay over the phone with a credit card. We will pull everything and have it ready for you to pick up. Call from the parking lot when you arrive. We will bring the order out to you.

To help maintain social distancing standards, we ask that you limit your party to no more than two people. If you can accomplish your shopping needs by yourself, that is even better as it will reduce crowding and help maintain proper spacing.

People who need parts: We are sorry, but due to the vast array of parts, they will only be available inside the main store. Please come to our front counter and let us know what you need.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you, very soon.