Help! My Pool Is Green!

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It happens. No one means for it to happen, but it does. You go on vacation and the pool sitter doesn’t “sit” the pool. Life just happens and you have a million other things vying for your attention. The weather became cool and wet, and well, you just kind of forgot that the pool needed a little bit of attention. Stuff happens and the good news is that green water is fixable. Here are a few pointers, though I would encourage you to stop by the store with a pool water sample and talk more about your particular pool and any water issues you may be having.

Step 1. You need to kill the algae, as that is what is making the pool water cloudy and green. I would recommend our SPARCO Eliminator along with liquid chlorine or granular shock to activate the Eliminator. Eliminator along with the chlorine will go to work on killing the algae.

Step 2: After giving the Eliminator time to start killing the algae, we need to start working on getting the dead algae out of the water. Sometimes that is the hardest part of the battle, as algae cells are so small that they don’t filter or settle easily. A good Step 2 helper is our Simple Blue Chitosan Clarifier. Using Chitosan, which is a natural byproduct of crab shells, Simple Blue Chitosan Clarifier helps to clump together the dead algae cells, making the algae settle quicker and filter more easily.

Step 3: Make you sand or cartridge filter even more efficient and help it filter out these small particles even better with a Sparkle Pill, which is easily added to the filter by dropping it right down into the skimmer basket. Drop it in and you are finished. The Sparkle pill makes the filter more efficient and better able to trap even smaller particles than normal. Let the filter do its job and when it is time, simply backwash or clean the filter like normal.

Ultimately, this three-step process could be looked at as: Kill, Clump & Clean. What really matters is getting that green mess changed into beautiful, sparkling water once again. Following these three-steps will help you get your pool to its happy place. Happy swimming!