Homegrown Tomatoes

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The end is near. It is almost time to forget about those nearly tasteless imposters that I am forced to put up with during way too many months of the year. Yes folks, it is almost time for homegrown tomatoes. And I am pumped. Yes, some of you are probably already feasting on your own crop, but mine won’t be long. (I hope!) Every evening rain or shine I check my plants when I get home looking for the slightest change in the tomatoes color. And it is so agonizingly slow!!!!!! Seemingly the slowest part of the process that began in my kitchen way back in March when I planted all the seeds. For weeks I have been looking at the beautiful little tomatoes just waiting for them to ripen, waiting to pluck that first cherry tomato from the plant where its next stop will be my mouth. I am not sure that there is any fruit or vegetable that tastes better homegrown than the tomato does. And when that first ripe cherry tomato mysteriously disappears off of the plant, I know nothing!