Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

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Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

In Greater Cincinnati, the metamorphosis from swimming season to hot tub season is complete. As temperatures drop towards, or even below seasonal norms, hot tub aficionados smile. They know this is their season. However, hot-tubbing is even more enjoyable with the right accessories. Let’s look at some items that make them more convenient and even safer to use.

Hot tub steps.

Eastgate Pools & Spas carries a variety of synthetic storage and tiered steps. Confer storage steps are good-looking, durable, and virtually maintenance free. Providing a stable platform to enter or exit the hot tub, they also offer convenience. As the name implies, you can store dry chemicals and small accessories inside. Simply lift the tread and place items in an enclosed compartment. As they are uninsulated, I don’t recommend putting freezable liquids inside.

If you don’t need storage at the hot tub, consider a Cover Valet two-tier step. Like the storage step, they are nearly maintenance free. 

The days of sanding and repainting hot tub steps are history. And if Confer or Cover Valet steps get dirty, just hose them off. 

Again, steps help provide safe, easy access to the tub and back out when your session is finished.

Safety handrails.

This is the perfect accompaniment to your hot tub steps. Think of the handrail on your home’s stairway system. Chances are you use it all the time and often without thinking about it. A hot tub handrail provides that same source of balance for everyone in the tub aged nine to ninety-nine. Or younger…or older. You get the message.

Eastgate Pools offers an all-weather, durable handrail made by Cover Valet. It’s built to last AND will help you stay stable, even when it gets snowy or icy.

Cover lifters.

Let’s talk about your hot tub’s cover. It can be a little tricky to get off and back on. This is especially true if you are doing it by yourself. Then comes the problem of what to do with it. Without a lifter, most people simply drop it down to the deck or patio…in the dirt, snow, and grime. It’s also where there may be rough concrete, splintered wood, or protruding nail heads that can damage your cover. That’s not a desirable scenario.

A cover lift makes it easy to remove and replace your cover. A mechanical device assists you in the process, even when you are by yourself. Plus, it then stacks the cover behind the tub and off the deck or patio helping keep it clean and nick-free.

Eastgate Pools & Spas offers two great cover lifter options. With the Rock-it, fold the cover at the center seam then rock it back (hence, the name) behind the tub. As it pivots back, it stacks part way towards the deck but clearly off the ground. The Rock-it requires a little extra room, so if you have and obstruction near the tub, bring us a measurement.

If you have a tight space issue or want the easiest lifter to use, consider the Cover Valet Pro Lifter. It stacks your cover within a couple inches of the hot tub’s outer edge. But here’s the ultimate convenience: a hydraulic boost that allows cover removal with almost no effort. First, fold the cover back at the center seam just like with the Rock-it. Then simply lift at the fold. The hydraulic boost takes over and the cover magically lifts and stacks. Most people can stack the cover with just one hand, or even by using just one finger. It’s that easy.


If your existing hot tub cover weighs as much as you do, that’s not a good thing. A heavy, waterlogged, or cracked cover is no fun to manipulate. It can also lead to a visit to a chiropractor. If it’s time to replace it, give Eastgate Pools & Spas a call. If your hot tub was originally purchased from us, we usually have your cover dimensions on file. If it came from elsewhere, you’ll need to provide us with proper dimensions. Our hot tub professionals can guide you through the process. Call us at 513-528-4141 for more information on the process.

Get yourself in a little hot water with family and friends.

In hot tub hot water, that is. Eastgate Pools & Spas has one of the Midwest’s best selection of hot tub accessories, chemicals, fragrances, and of course, new hot tubs themself. Stop in soon and let us help you make this your best hot-tubbing season ever.