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Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs for Sale in Greater Cincinnati

Longevity Matters.

Officially founded in November 1979, 2023 marks the 43rd year that Eastgate Pools & Spas has been in business. That’s a long time, and my but how the times have changed. Jimmy Carter was President and wouldn’t be defeated by Ronald Reagan for another year. Gas hovered around $1.10 per gallon. A Big Mac was $1.30, but you could save money by making your own burger. After all, ground beef was only $1.39 per pound. Undoubtedly, we all griped about the cost of gas and ground beef back then, too.

For established Greater Cincinnati pool and hot tub owners, we’re well-known and our customers are very loyal. Many were young newlyweds when they purchased their first pool from us. Now, we sell to many of their grandkids. However, every year, thousands of people move to Cincinnati. U.S. Census data lists just under 10,000 people moving to the metropolitan Cincinnati area in 2019. That translated to approximately twenty-five new Cincinnatians every day. And for most of these people, they have no idea where to shop for a quality swimming pool or hot tub. We’d like to throw our hat in the ring for their consideration.

4200 In-ground Pools Built.

What does this mean? Simply, that we’ve been trusted by thousands of people to do the job right from start to finish. To give perspective to the number, here is a little analogy. Our average in-ground pool is thirty-six feet long. If you could butt them up end to end, the pool line would stretch over twenty-eight miles. And that’s without concrete decking. Add that at an average of nine additional feet per pool and the total length then tops thirty-five miles. That’s about the distance from Tri-County to Dayton. 

Of course, in-ground numbers pale when compared to well over the 10,000 above ground pools we have sold. 

If you are new to the area and considering a swimming pool, we should be your first and last stop. Please come see us.

Hot Tubs are Hot Sellers.

Some local hot tub retailers go to manufacturers and ask to carry their product lines. Eastgate Pools & Spas is different. We select from the manufacturers that are constantly calling or stopping in to make their pitch to us. They want their product on our showroom floor because they know we sell hot tubs. Thousands of them over the years.

If a manufacturer begins taking shortcuts or lessening quality, their time with us is limited.  If they have price increases that make their line unattractive or noncompetitive, their days are numbered.

We have a very good track record with customer satisfaction and plan on keeping it this way. Is this arrogant on our part? Maybe, but does that matter? Satisfied customers are our best advertisement. Saving on advertising expenses allows us to offer great products at highly competitive prices. That’s a formula that works for everyone.

We’re Not Just Pools and Hot Tubs.

Eastgate Pools & Spas carries a huge selection of outdoor and sunroom furniture. With two on-site showrooms and an outdoor patio display, we frequently show over 100 sets or seating groups. This allows us to present one of the largest offerings in the tri-state area. Looking for cast or tubular aluminum, all-weather wicker, or Amish-made poly furniture? We have these plus a whole lot more. Already have a great set of furniture but need a nice outdoor umbrella for a little manufactured shade? We have hundreds of umbrellas in-stock right now. Stop in soon while the selection is at its best.

We are an authorized Big Green Egg smoker grill dealer and have a great selection of in-stock Eggs available. Need it delivered and built? We can do that, too. Plus, we have a giant selection of grilling accessories, including grill tables, natural lump charcoal, and hard-to-find specialty accoutrements.

In Summary.

If you’re new to the area, or just now in need of a product we offer, give us a shot. 

I’ve seen many pool and hot tub retailers come and go in Greater Cincinnati. Some were only here for a few years before taking their profits and moving on. As for us, we’ve been around a long time and plan on being here for many more years to come.