Hot Tub Shell Colors

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Many potential hot tub or spa shoppers anguish over picking the ‘right’ color of hot tub. I want to shed a little light on the subject of hot tub shell colors, both literally and figuratively. Confused? Please read on.

Hot Tub Shell Colors

A Salesperson’s Frustration.

During my active selling career, I sold just under 800 hot tubs. However, I would have sold more if I had been better at explaining why hot tub shell colors aren’t really that important. I lost some potential buyers to a competitor because they had a color they liked better. Worse, many preferred the performance and construction of my offerings! So why did this happen?

It starts and ends in the showroom. Hot tubs are almost always displayed without a cover so the first thing a buyer sees is the shell color. That’s the glitter—the first impression. It’s necessary though, as a potential buyer needs to see jets, topside controls, and seating. But for many, they simply fall in love with a shell color. Luckily, I got better at explaining why shell color should be down the list of important features. Water movement, insulation, personal control, seating, therapy—the list goes on. All these things are significantly more important.

What Colors Really Matter?

Cabinet and cover. That’s it…mostly. These are the things you see, and you’ll want to pick something that blends well with your outdoor landscape. But guess what? You simply don’t see the shell color unless you are using the unit. It stays covered almost 100% of the time.

“So, what you are saying is shell color doesn’t matter at all. Right, Max?”

Hmmm. Not quite… At the risk of contradicting myself, allow me to explain further.

Let There Be Light!

One of the biggest improvements in hot tubs has been in the quality of lighting. In the old days, a hot tub would have a lens cap that snapped over an underwater light. These were usually red or green. Select one and there was your less-than-amazing light show. Manufacturers gradually came to realize that lighting is an important therapy component. Many of today’s hot tubs come equipped with multiple lights, including underwater and above water microlights. Tap the light button on the topside control, and your color changes. Press again and you have a new color. And on it goes through several selections before the colors begin to change automatically. Slow fades from various shades of green, red, yellow, and blue, or snappy changes that I call party mode. Yes, lighting has evolved dramatically.

And this is the one area where shell color matters. Succinctly, the lighter the shell color, the more the lighting is enhanced. For example, Silver Marble is a very light color that allows the shell to take on the color of the light. It’s like the shell absorbs the light, becoming that color. Set the lights to fade and watch your hot tub change, too. It boils down to the fact that the lighter the shell color, the greater the light show. Conversely, the darker the shell, the more certain colors are muted, seemingly consumed by the shell.

My Recommendations.

Firstly, when shopping for a hot tub, look for one that suits your therapy needs. Remember that a hot tub can always be less than you need right now but can never be more. As therapy needs increase, you’ll be glad you have a highly therapeutic model. I never had a customer come back and tell me they bought a hot tub with too much action. Secondly, get the biggest unit your space can handle. Feel free to move around. The more seats, the more different therapy sensations you will get. Thirdly, inquire about the things you can’t see, such a structural support, insulation, and flow-per-minute. Lastly, remember that lighting is soothing-of-the-mind therapy.

Personally, I would go with a light-colored shell, such as Silver Marble or Smokey Mountain. It’s a lighter brownish marble swirl pattern. You’ll maximize the lighting effect. Or pick out something totally different. Eastgate Pools & Spas usually has a selection of in-stock or on-order models in a variety of colors. Stop in and let our professional staff help you pick out the right one.