Important Water Test Note

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We are getting more and more water tests dropped off in our “water test tote” which is located by the front doors of the store. In the interest of safety and in the interest of being able to help our customers as best we can during this period of No Contact Water Testing, we have a couple of clarifications or requests.

  1. Please use a clean and disposable container for the water sample. To make sure we have enough water, we recommend 12 to 16 ounces. We will not be returning the sample containers, so please make it disposable. Many samples are arriving in Eastgate Pools water test bottles. Once we can start to go back to normal water test procedures there will probably not be enough test bottles in our inventory to get everyone a new bottle, at least not for a bit.

  2. Please tape a note to the container with your name, your contact phone number, the pool or spa size, what sanitizing system you use (chlorine generator, chlorine tables, Simple Salt, bromine, Simple Stick with Simple Spa, etcetera), and whether the pool or spa has any specific issues (green water, cloudy water, metal staining or……..).

    All water sample containers are wiped down as soon as we take them from the tote, and we are finding that information written on plastic bottles, even if in permanent marker, is wiping off as we clean the sample container. We don’t want to lose your information, but we also need to wipe each sample container thoroughly before handling.

  3. Whenever possible, we will get your water into the store and to the test center within a few minutes of being dropped off. If you have some time, you might want to wait in your car for us to get the water tested at which time we will call you with the results. Please understand that depending on phone orders, parking lot pick ups and other water samples to be tested, the wait time for the water test and results will vary.

    We thank you for your support of Eastgate Pools and your patience as we learn how to best help our customers take care of their pools and spas during this unique time. If you have any questions on our No Contact Water Testing or on our Parking Lot Pick Up program, please feel free to call us at 513-528-4141 or email us at

Thank you.