January Pool Purchase

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Above Ground Pool Sales…in January!

Okay…so you are considering getting that above-ground pool the family has been pushing for. While there is no bad time to buy, some times are better than others. Right now might just be the time to quit procrastinating and time to take the plunge. And while swimming outdoors now may not be your idea of winter fun, here are five reasons to act.

1. Pricing

Chances are, you’ve saved money in the past by buying things during the offseason. That’s why you did it. Above-ground pools are no different. You simply won’t find better pricing for the year than now. Pool retailers such as Eastgate Pools & Spas are primed for the upcoming season. However, foot traffic now is nothing compared to spring and summer traffic, so pricing is temptingly offseason-sweet. 

Not wanting to shell out the money for a pool now? Not a problem at Eastgate Pools because we don’t require payment in full right now. A modest deposit is all that is required to lock in your great deal.

2. Selection

Every summer, we get customers returning to buy a pool they had considered months, weeks, even just days before. Unfortunately, the pricing may have increased in their absence. Another scenario is the pool they wanted had mysteriously disappeared. Can you say Sold Out? Like any successful pool retailer, we order our pools well in advance of the season. Some years our crystal inventory ball gets cloudy, and some sizes and models become hotter sellers than we expected.

Right now, our warehouses are stuffed with all models and sizes we will offer this year. Your Eastgate Pools’ 2023 selection will never be better.

3. The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Not only will you get the best selection at the best price, you’ll also join our early season installation list. This means getting your pool professionally built when weather and yard conditions permit. Admittedly, some prefer to wait until later in the season, but most relish the idea of getting the job done. Plus, that means swimming when others are just wishing they were.

4. Yard recovery

A pool installation is a construction project. As the adage goes, to make a great omelet, you have to break a few eggs. We take pride in treating your yard and properly like it is our own, but our equipment will leave it’s mark. The earlier your pool is built, the quicker your yard will recover. In addition, when the weather turns swelteringly hot, you’ll be inside the pool chilling out, instead of laboring outside it. 

5. Swimming when you’re ready to swim!

And isn’t that what it’s really all about? There’s little worse in pool ownership than watching neighbors swimming in their pool while you wait impatiently for yours. I hope you don’t decide to be that wishful person.

Summing it up.

2023 pricing will never be better than it is in January, and your size and model selection is at it’s fullest. Lock in your pool with a modest deposit that will get you on our highly desirable early installation list. Weather and ground condition permitting, this gets you swimming early, so you can enjoy a full season of fun.

Our models are on display and our expert sales staff is waiting to help you find your dream pool! Not sure if you are in our service area? Call us at 513-528-4141.