Covid-19 July 25th Update

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On May 12th Ohio allowed retail stores to open back up, though with mandates in place that were designed to protect both customers and employees alike. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Eastgate Pools has followed Ohio’s mandates as closely as possible. As we needed to make changes in our business practices and store design, we have done so. We are committed to providing everyone—associates and customers—with a convenient, safe environment. Some of the changes made and in place policies are:

Policies Inside the Showroom

  • Inside the showroom, at our water test station, you will find Stand Here Footprints on the floor to aid in social distancing. There is also plexiglass in place in front of the water testers. Please stay behind the plexiglass and utilize the Footprints to aid in distancing.

  • Ohio requires all retail associates to wear a mask or face covering while working, and our associates are following this mandate. For the safety of our associates, we ask that our customers wear a mask or face covering as well. Realizing that for some face masks have become a political issue, at Eastgate Pools we are only trying to protect our associates and our customers. Covid cases cause businesses to be shut down temporarily. No one wants that. So, if you would please wear a face covering, we would be very thankful! Note, effective July 23rd, Ohio Law mandates the use of a facial covering while inside for most people.

  • At the register area in the main store, the front counter area has been lengthened in order to help keep everyone spaced safely while they check out. We also have Plexiglas partitions separating customers and associates at the checkout locations. Stand Here Footprints mark each of the three register areas as well as the line for the registers. We appreciate staying behind the plexiglass panels as best as possible.

Over Crowded Policy

  • If areas of the store become too crowded to safely accomplish social distancing, we may need to temporarily hold customers outside the main entrance until we can safely allow them to enter.

  • We continue to take thorough, ongoing steps to keep the store and exterior facilities sanitized.

  • Employees temperatures are taken every day.

  • Washrooms as well as hand sanitizer is available for customer use.

For those uncomfortable with shopping in the store, we have continued our Parking Lot Pick Up Program. Phone in your chemical and accessory order at 513-528-4141 and pay over the phone with a credit card. We will pull everything and have it ready for you to pick up. Call from the parking lot when you arrive. We will bring the order out to you. When the order is placed, we will ask you what day you would like to pick up the order.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you, very soon.