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Making Your backyard Shine Again.

If you have an in-ground pool, chances are it’s the focal point of your outdoor living space. However, it’s common to need a little refreshing to keep it looking beautiful and eye-catching. It can happen to any in-ground pool, regardless of construction. Gunite pools need occasional acid cleaning and repainting. That sounds like lots of fun, eh? And where does all that acid go when the job is done. Hmmm… Fiberglass pools often need gelcoat finish repairs and patching. And if you must do it when there is a lot of ground water, good luck. The hydraulic pressure from under the pool can pop the pool out of the ground. Choose your repair time carefully.

A better option.

Eastgate Pools exclusively installs steel wall pools with vinyl liners. But like most things, vinyl has a lifespan. Some people change liners every ten years or so. The liner is likely still fine, but perhaps it has faded a little and they just want a new, fresh look. It’s more common for a liner to last upwards of fifteen, even twenty years. Or more. Perhaps most significantly, there is no acid or fiberglass sanding that requires special clothing. Just a new, stunning vinyl liner that helps return the pool to its glory days of years past.

Our program.

We have built thousands of in-ground pools in the region. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to provide on-going service to these pools. Part of that commitment means offering professional liner replacement for those that need the service. We will provide this service for any pool we have built, some approaching a half-century old. We have even put replacement liners in some of our competitors’ pools. We do reserve the right to decline a replacement project in some other builder’s pools. Over the years there have been many pool builders in the region. Some were good, some were unreliable companies that came, went quickly, and broke some hearts. We choose to be selective in those cases.

We have always felt that the company best able to service pools we built is none other than us. We have detailed pool blueprints going back decades that allow us to have the replacement liner made properly. Yes, made. Every liner we offer is custom made here in Ohio by a professional liner company. On occasion, we are asked for blueprints to a pool we built. We apologize, but they are proprietary, and we will not provide them for good reason. It is to protect our professional integrity. We learned the hard way. Years ago, we provided a customer the blueprints for their pool. They then contacted an economy out-of-state liner manufacturer (no longer in business) to make the liner. The vinyl was cheap and thin, and they made it incorrectly. The manufacturer swore they made it to the exact specifications. We checked it out and it wasn’t close. It didn’t help that the ‘professionals’ they hired to install it had no clue what they were doing. In short, we simply avoid that quandary now.

Interior Pool Finishes. You have choices!

Ever been to a restaurant where they hand you a menu that has nothing on it that sounds good? That won’t be the case when picking out a new liner from us. Currently, we have thirty-five different liner designs to choose from. These are professional-grade and are either twenty-seven or twenty-eight mil thick. Some feature a tile-border print, but some are borderless, allowing the feature print to extend to the coping line. Based on the design chosen, some will appear virtually seamless while others will have seams that show a bit more. We believe our selection menu is sure to contain several that will immediately jump out as favorites.

Like fine art, a Masterpiece takes time.

Once you pick out a design and place your order, the process begins. Our manufacturer isn’t one to rush just to get paid. They painstakingly make sure it is made according to blueprint specifications. Once completed, it is then thoroughly inspected. Completed liners are also very heavy, requiring freighting to our store, palletized to insure proper handling. Upon arrival at Eastgate Pools, we contact the customer to arrange the earliest available installation date.  With production backlog and our first come, first served scheduling, time of order until installation can take several weeks. If you are serious about getting that new liner, we recommend less procrastination and more action.

In summary…

Originally intended as the spotlight feature of your back yard, your pool can become that again. A new liner can return your pool to a nearly new pool look. If possible, we’d like to help. If we built the pool, call us, or stop in and checkout the beautiful designs that are available. If you moved into a home that already had the pool there and don’t know the builder, call us. We will check our records and see if it is one of ours. If you know the builder was someone other than us, again, give us a call. We can discuss our mutual interest level in replacing the liner.

We value our long history of professional customer service. Our liner replacement program is just one example of why we have been afforded the highest honor in our industry: Hall of Fame Member of the Aqua 100. We are the only in-ground pool builder in this area afforded such honor. Come see why.